Record Course Video Content Using Panopto

The fastest way to record videos for your Canvas course is to use Panopto Capture to record videos straight from your Chrome internet browser. Panopto Capture is a built-in tool in your Canvas course that can record your webcam, microphone, PowerPoint slides, or anything else that you have on your screen.

Step One: Prepare to Record a Video Using Panopto

  1. In your Canvas course navigation menu, click Videos
  2. To open the drop-down menu, click Create.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Panopto Capture, which will open in a new tab.



Panopto Capture Tab:



  1. To set recording options, click the settings wheel (as shown in the previous step) and select Ultra HD. You only have to set recording options one time per computer. Once you set recording options, they automatically stay that way for that specific computer.

    Important: If Ultra HD causes issues with your computer such as video stuttering or computer lag, you can change this option to HD. Please do not use or change any other settings. Do not use backgrounds or smart camera options. These features are not up to the quality and appropriateness of your course and you may have to recreate videos if such options are used.




Step Two: Record Your Video

  1. To select your microphone, click the Microphone (Audio) icon. (Verify that it is working by speaking into the microphone and seeing if the waveform line moves as you speak. This is the grey wave line at the bottom of the player that runs/moves through the red record button).
  2. To select your webcam, click the Webcam (Video) icon. (Some computers may have more than one camera connected).
  3. To select any screens or applications that you want to record (such as your desktop, PowerPoint, or Keynote), click the Screens/Applications icon.
  4. To begin recording, click the circular red Record button.
  5. A 5-second countdown will begin. During this time you can switch to your presentation such as your PowerPoint slides. Everything that is visible on your screen will be recorded.
  6. To stop the recording, click the circular red Record button again. It will automatically upload to your course.
  7. Once you stop the recording, a new window that says "Uploading your video" will appear.
  8. Leave the page open until the green bar underneath the "Uploading your video" is completed. 
  9. Note the options in the upper right to Record New (keep creating videos) or Redo (re-record the video — this is helpful if you preview the video you just created and decide that you would like to try again).

Please note that the following steps correspond to the image below:

  1. To edit the title of your video, type the title into the field that displays the Date and Time. For example, you may want to give it a different title, such as, "Welcome to the Course!" or "Week One Lecture."
  2. To select the course where you want the recording to be placed, click the Drop-down menu. Make sure your correct course is selected.
  3. To preview your video while it is uploading (for reviewing purposes), click the Play icon at the bottom left.



Please note: In order for students to view your recording, you will need to embed it within a content Page in your Canvas course. You also have the option of editing your Panopto video before you embed and share it with your students.


Additional Resources 

For a more in-depth overview of using Panopto Capture, you can refer to the How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture article.


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