Best Practices for Using Zoom

Follow these tips to ensure a more successful Zoom meeting.

Before the Meeting

  • Ensure technology (i.e. video and audio) works correctly. Make sure you understand the Zoom features to ensure everything runs smoothly during the session.
  • Connect several minutes before the meeting start time to check your audio, video, and network connection.
  • Have a backup communication plan ready in case you have trouble connecting. Examples of a backup plan include an extra laptop or mobile phone device you can use to start the Zoom meeting.

During the Meeting

  • Mute your audio when you are not speaking. This will help to limit distracting background noise.  
  • If you would like to speak or ask a question, consider using the “Raise Hand” feature within Zoom. Unmute yourself when you are called on, and make sure to mute your audio once you’re no longer speaking.
  • Interact with your fellow classmates while using interactive Zoom features such as breakout rooms, chat and screen share.  

After the Meeting

  • Keep in contact with your instructor and classmates between meeting sessions. Consider forming virtual study groups with classmates to enhance your learning experience.


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