Schedule a Zoom Meeting via Canvas

Schedule a Zoom meeting from your Canvas course:

  1. Go to your Canvas course.
  2. Click “Zoom” in your course navigation menu.
  3. Click the blue “Schedule a New Meeting” button in the top-right corner.   


  1. Set your Zoom meeting preferences.


A. Topic – Change meeting title accordingly. Examples:

  • For weekly meetings: Week 1 – 4/1/20
  • For recurring meetings: Weekly Meetings
  • For office hours: Office Hours
  • For study groups: Study Group 1, Study Group 2, etc. 

B. Description – Add a description for your meeting as needed.

C. When – Select the date and time when your Zoom meeting will take place.

D. Duration – Enter the duration of the meeting. This is only for scheduling purposes and will not end the meeting after the set duration of the meeting passes.

E. Time Zone Keep your meeting set for Pacific Time (PT). If needed, select “Recurring meeting” to create meeting sessions that participants can access on a regular basis for a specific date and time (Example: every Tuesday at 3:00 PM PT for a duration of 11 weeks).

F. Registration – Do NOT check the box to require registration for the meeting.

G. Video – Use default settings (“Off”) for host and participants. Individuals can enable video after joining the meeting.

H. Audio – Use default settings (“Both”). Individuals can use their computer audio or join by phone.

I. Meeting Options – Only select the following:

  • Require Meeting Password – To prevent unauthorized access to your meeting, UCLA has enabled a password for all Zoom meetings scheduled through Canvas by default. You can change the password, but we recommend that you keep it numeric. For convenience, students can simply click on the link in the email invitation and will not need to enter the password to join the meeting.
  • Mute Participants Upon Entry – To remove background noise upon entry. Individuals can unmute themselves at any point during the meeting.
  • Enable Waiting Room – To allow participants to wait in a room until you open the main meeting room. For security reasons, UCLA has automatically enabled waiting rooms for all Zoom meetings scheduled through Canvas.
  • Only Authenticated Users Can Join - Do NOT use this option.

J. Alternative Hosts – Do NOT use this option unless you have a co-instructor enrolled directly in your Canvas course. You can enter their Canvas email here, which will allow them to co-host the meeting. You can also change individual roles directly within the Zoom meeting.


  1. Click the blue “Save” button.

Your meeting has now been created. It will be visible within the Zoom Meeting area of your Canvas course in the “Upcoming Meetings” tab (see screenshot below). Always use the “Schedule a New Meeting” button in the “Upcoming Meetings” tab to schedule meetings for your course.


Start Your Scheduled Zoom Meeting

When it is time to begin your scheduled Zoom meeting, click the Start button to the right of your meeting.


Note that other tabs are available:

  • “Previous Meetings” tab displays past meetings and reporting.
  • “Personal Meeting Room” is your own meeting room. Please use the “Upcoming Meetings” tab to schedule your course meetings.
  • “Cloud Recordings” is NOT currently available.

 If you experience any issues scheduling or starting a Zoom meeting, please reach out to


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