How to Add a Section to your Course Syllabus

When editing your Syllabus, you may not have all your sections added. Use this guide to add all the sections you need to edit and use!

Access Editing

1. Click on “Course Syllabus” (1).


2. Select “Syllabus” (2) to open a dropdown menu in the horizontal sidebar.


3. Click “Edit” (3).


Adding a Section

Some sections have already been added. Here is a complete list of the sections available.

  • Contact Information
  • Description 
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes
  • Evaluation 
  • Course Policies 
  • Institutional Policies 
  • Additional Items
  • Schedule

If you don't see a particular section in this location, don't worry. It probably already has been added. 

We add a Schedule section to this Syllabus. However, you can add any other section available with this same method. In the screenshots below, "Meeting Times," "Materials," "Deliverables," and "Schedule" are also available to add. 

1. Click "Schedule+" to the right of the Syllabus' title. 


2. Add general notes about your section if you wish. Click Save to create your section. 


3. Once you click "Save," you will see your new section. 


Now, you can either edit or add to this new section by clicking the orange pen icon or add an entry if available.


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