How to Edit your Course Syllabus

Here is how to edit a section of your Syllabus in your Canvas Course!

Before you begin, make sure your screen size (browser window) is maximized. If it is not, the option to edit your syllabus may be hidden.  

Access Editing

1. Click on “Course Syllabus” (1).


2. Select “Syllabus” (2) to open a dropdown menu in the horizontal sidebar.


3. Click “Edit” (3).


Editing a Section

1. Click the pencil icon next to the section header that you would like to change or modify.


2. A pop-up box appears. Enter your information in the “Notes” field (2). Students do not see Comments.

3. When you have finished editing, click “Save” (3).


“Save & Notify” is to let your Program Representative aware that the change has been made. It is not required or recommended typically.

If you do not see an edit option for your section, you may add a section to your Course Syllabus.

Notes about the Course Syllabus 

  • The Description is locked and can be edited by the Program Department alone.
  • We have shown here how to edit a section. When you are building out your Schedule at the bottom of the Course Syllabus, we recommend that you add individual schedule entries for each week.


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