How to Upload your Existing Videos

In addition to recording videos, Panopto can also serve as a hosting platform for videos you created on your own. Please view the note below about Copyright concerns.

You may upload your recordings directly to the “Videos” section of your course, however we strongly recommend embedding your videos directly to an item within your Modules instead of leaving them in the Videos area without context. This means inserting your video content using the Rich Content Editor (see number 2 below). 

Setting it up

  1. Go to the Content Page, Assignment, Discussion, or Announcement where you want to upload your video. 
  2. Click "Edit" in the upper-right hand corner. 
  3. Type in a sentence or more of instructional context such as: 
    • Directions on what to look out for
    • Questions students can ask themselves as they watch the video 
    • A simple request to view the video as it covers material relevant to this section of the course
    • In the example below we wrote: "Example text describing lecture."

Upload and Embed the Video

  1. Click on the text input field and move the flashing text cursor to where you would like to place your video. Typically the video should be added below a brief paragraph at the top of a page.
  2. Click the green Panopto icon (2).
  3. Go to the “Upload” (2) tab and click in the space within the dotted rectangle. (You can also drag and drop your video file into this area.)
  4. If clicking in the dotted area, use your computer’s file explorer to locate your video or audio file on your computer and then click “Open.” A green download bar should now appear.
  5. Once you have finished uploading your recording click on Insert (5) at the bottom right.

  6. You should now see your recording appear in the text input field. Here you can continue writing your material. When you are finished click the Save button in the lower right. In order for your students to see your recording you must also Published (green check mark) that asset in your Module section by clicking on the grey check mark. 


A Note about Copyright Laws and Policy

Panopto’s ability to capture and include video in your presentations can greatly enrich your teaching capability and provide richer experiences for your students. However, these capabilities should be used within Copyright Laws and Policy. When you are using Panopto and feel the need to include copyrighted materials you did not create please consider the following:

  • Use short excerpts from content to make your point instead of long clips that may distract from your teaching objective
  • If you are using clips from copyright videos or films, record an introduction to the clip and the relevance, this will strengthen your use of the video and aligns with copyright law
  • Avoid using Panopto as a way to distribute full length videos or films


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