How to Embed your Recording in Modules to Make it Available to Students

Videos recorded in the Videos area of your course, need to be embedded on content Pages in order to be made visible to students. This includes Canvas Pages, Discussions, Assignments, and other items that can be included in the Modules area of your course. 

This allows students to view the recordings within the corresponding weekly modules, providing important context for the videos. 


Setting It Up

To embed your video recording onto a Canvas course content page: 

  1. Click Modules in the course navigation menu and select the page that you would like to embed your video. (This can be a Content Page, Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz - basically, any course element that is editable with the Rich Content Editor toolbar.)
  2. Once you are on the chosen page where you would like to add your video, click Edit to the top right. 
  3. Add some context to the page to frame the video students will be watching. This can include:  
    • An introduction, overview, explanation, or summary of the video
    • Questions for students to consider before watching the video

Typical context frames the resource for students sharing: What the student will engage with? Why the resource or information is helpful? How students can use the information moving forward?


Embed Your Video

  1. Click directly on in the text field where you would like to place your video. 
  2. Click the green Panopto icon.


  1. A pop-up window will appear asking you to select the Panopto folder where your recording should be located (your course folder). This is how you find videos that you have already recorded.
  2. Click directly on the video thumbnail to select the recording that you would like to embed on the page. Make sure the circle to the left of the thumbnail is filled to indicate that the video is selected.
  3. Click Insert to the bottom right.


  1. You should now see your video recording appear directly on your content page. 
  2. Don't forget to click Save at the bottom of the page and make sure the page itself is Published so that your students can see it. 


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