Embed your Video in your course

By default, your video recording uploads to the “Videos” tab. We recommend embedding your video within a Content Page or another item with instructional context.

Setting it up

  1. Go to the Content Page, Assignment, Discussion, or Announcement where you want to embed your video. 
  2. Click "Edit" in the upper-right hand corner. 
  3. Type in a sentence or more of instructional context such as: 
    • Directions on what to look out for
    • Questions students can ask themselves as they watch the video 
    • A simple request to view the video as it covers material relevant to this section of the course. 

Embed the Video

  1. Click the green Panopto icon (1).


2. Go to the “Choose” (2) tab to select your desired video recording.


3. Click Insert and Save (3) your work in the item. Your recording will now be visible in your course.


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