How to Edit Videos

Panopto allows you to make edits to your videos right from your browser. These edits are easily reversible, allowing you to undo changes if necessary.

Accessing Panopto's Editor

1. Click on Videos inside of your course (1).
2. Move your mouse over the name of the video that you want to edit. Click on the Edit button (2) with the pencil icon.



The most common type of edit is removing an unneeded portion of a video, such as a silence at the beginning. Follow these steps to use the Trim tool to make this edit:

Applying Your Edit

  1. Click the Play button (1) to watch your video and locate the point that you want to edit. You will also see a progress bar and time indicator to help you navigate your recording.
  2. Click on the Scissors tool (2).
  3. Click and drag on the timeline (3) to select sections of your recording that you want to remove. The grayed out sections will become invisible to students.
  4. Click Apply (4) to save your changes. Note that the editor is non-destructive, and your changes can always be reverted if needed. To adjust the size of the edit simply mouse over the ends of the grayed out section to click and drag. If you want it to disappear completely just click and drag one side of the grayed section over to the other side of the gray space. Once the lines overlap that edit or gray space will disappear. 
  5. After applying your changes to your video (4) the video will need to process again, but will appear published in your course once finished. 


For a more in-depth look at other editing features please take a look at the Panopto documentation located here.


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