Editing in Panopto

You can edit your videos within Canvas!

How to Start Editing

1. Click on Videos inside of your course (1).
2. Move your mouse over the name of the video (2) that you want to edit, this will reveal an Edit button with a pencil icon.
3. Click Edit (3).



  1. View the timeline (4) below your recording, use it to navigate to the beginning, middle or end of your recording.
  2. Click on the Scissors tool (5) to remove unwanted parts of your recording.
  3. Click and drag on the timeline to select sections of your recording that you want to remove (6), those sections will then become grayed out and become invisible to students.
  4. Click the Play button (7) to preview your recording and verify that you have made the edits you wanted.
  5. Click Publish (8) to save your changes. Don't worry about losing your work, your recording will remain available to you for further editing.



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