Before You Record: Installation, Setup, and Planning

Panopto Installation

Locate Panopto in your Course

Panopto is a video tool integrated into Canvas. To access it:

  1. Click on Courses.
  2. Select your Course
  3. Click on Videos within your course

Download the Panopto Installer on your Computer

Panopto in Canvas works with an application you download to your computer (Windows or Mac). You only need to download the application’s installer once.

  1. Click on the blue Create button
  2. Click “Record a new session.”
  3. Download the Installer for your particular Operating System.

When Panopto is installed, clicking “Record a New Session” will automatically start Panopto. The second way to start recording in Panopto is covered in the "Recording Settings" section below.

Install Panopto on your computer

1. Double click the Installer file in your browser’s downloads folder or downloads toolbar.
2. Allow the Panopto application to make changes on your computer.
3. Enter your Canvas Login when prompted.

Now this Panopto application, called the Recorder, will start when:

  • you click the “Record a new session” option
  • Or, click the green Panopto icon in the Edit screen of a content page



  1. Minimize the windows on your computer screen 
  2. If you have slides (PowerPoint) or a procedure you want to demonstrate, pull that up on your screen.
  3. Make sure your microphone is picking up your voice.

For more tips on how to maximize the quality of your recording, click here.

Recording Settings

This is a second way to initiate a Panopto recording in your course.

  1. Click on the green Panopto icon (1) in the toolbar menu when editing a Content Page, Assignment or Discussion.

mceclip2.png2. Click on the Record tab (2), enter a name, and click the Record button in the pop-up window.


3. Under Primary Sources verify that the webcam or microphone you want to use is selected and set Quality to Ultra.

By default, Panopto records a primary screen, your webcam, and a secondary screen, your computer screen and stitches them together. You may disable either screen.

Press Record

Before you actually record, consider the following tips to make effective videos.

  1. Click “Record” and allow Panopto to run in the background.
  2. Present your material as if the students are viewing your screen.
    • Don't worry about pausing or making mistakes, simply repeat what you want to say until you get it right.
    • You will be able to remove the content that you don't want after your video is recorded.
  3. Press “Stop” in the Panopto application (Recorder) when you are done recording and click Upload.

Now your computer application will process the video and upload it to Canvas. You still need to place, or embed, your video in an item in your course.

For a guide on editing and embedding your video, click here.


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