Canvas Quizzes

You can create a Quiz (Test, Exam, etc) in Canvas. A Quiz can be graded or ungraded and can also be a survey.

Add a Quiz

Enter the Modules section of your course.

1. Click the “+” icon (1).


2. Select “Quiz” (2) from the dropdown menu.


3. Select “New Quiz” (3), give the Quiz a name (4), and select “Add item” (5).


Add Questions to your Quiz/Survey

1. Click directly on the Quiz name (1).


2. You have entered the Quiz start page. Click “Edit.” (2)


3. Click the “Questions” (3) tab.


4. Click “+Question” (4).


Note: “+New Question Group” and “Find Questions” options are unnecessary. You may contact a member of our support team before experimenting with these options.

Configure a Question

Add Question Details

After clicking “+Question,” let’s add details!

1. Select what type of question you will use (1). We recommend using Multiple Choice, True/False, or Essay Questions. This example is for a Multiple Choice Question.

2. Add the points for the Quiz (2)

3. Type your question in the body (3)



Add Answers

For a survey, there are no correct answer choices. While questions are added the same way, I have changed the question here so it has a right answer.

1. Add your Answer Choices below for automatic grading. (1)


2. Configure the quiz answers here.

  • Hover over the answer choice that is correct and click it to mark it as correct (2)
  • If you have some time:
    • Add some feedback. This makes the quiz more of a learning tool. (3)
    • Type in feedback for the whole question: Within the green if student gets a correct answer; red, if an incorrect one; and gray for all responses. (4)
  • Click “Update Question” to add your question to the Quiz. (5)


3. Click “Save”! (6)


This is important because “Update Question” doesn’t Save your work.


Adjust Settings of a Quiz

When you click “Save,” you return the Quiz.

1. Click “Edit” (1)


2. You automatically enter the “Details” tab. Here your adjust settings to a Quiz.

Main Settings

  • Add a Description of the Quiz as a whole (2).
  • Select the Type of Quiz (3).
    • For a typical quiz with grades, select “Graded Quiz.” If you want to create a survey here that rewards students for completing the survey, select “Graded Survey.”


  • Click "Shuffle Answers"  (4) so that the answer choices are different for students. This does not change the order of questions
  • Click "Time Limit" (5)  to add a limit to a quiz.
  • Click to “Allow Multiple Attempts” (6). If no number is added, there are unlimited attempts. If this is not checked, there is only one attempt.


3. Scroll down. Be sure to click “Save” (7) to save your Settings.



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