How to Assign Weights to Assignment Groups

In Canvas, there are two ways to set up your grades: points or weighted categories.

To grade by points, you will determine a point value for each assignment. Canvas will then tally students' points automatically. 

However, if you use weighted categories in your Course Syllabus (such as Discussions 30% and Exams 70%), then you need to create Assignment groups and assign weights to assignment groups in the Assignments section. 

Create Assignment groups that correlate with each criteria in your Syllabus. Drag your Assignments to their respective group.

Here is how you assign weights to Assignment Groups:

1. Click the wheel icon (1). And click the “Assignment Groups Weight” (2).


2. Select the option to “Weight final grade based on assignment groups” (3).


3. Select the appropriate percentage for each group (4). Make sure that there are no extra groups and all percentages add up to 100. Click Save (5) when complete.



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