How to Create an Announcement

Announcements are an essential tool for communicating with all of the students in your course. You can use announcements to:

  • Remind your students of upcoming events and due dates.
  • Leave a message for the entire class with video or audio comments.
  • Celebrate student success and important events that may be of interest to your students.

Enter your course and make an Announcement:


1. Click “Announcements” (1).


2. Click "+Announcement" (2) in the middle of the page.


3. Enter a “Topic Title” (3) and the main content in the body (4).


4. You may delay your posting by clicking that option (5) and selecting a time. This is not required.

Click “Save” (6). If you did not select a delay, the Announcement will be posted.

Note: Students may receive an email notification when an Announcement is posted. This is determined by a student’s notification settings, which only a student can adjust.


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