How to Create an Assignment

You create an Assignment for students to submit work privately. This allows you to provide personalized feedback without being public to the rest of the course.

Here is how to create an assignment in the Modules section.

Add an Assignment

1. Click on the “+” button (1) next to the relevant module.


2. Select “Assignment” (2) from the dropdown menu.


3. Select “New Assignment” (3), give the assignment a name (4), and select “Add item” (5).


Configure an Assignment

1. Click directly on the assignment name (1).


2. Select “Edit.”


3. Here you can:

  • Enter a title for the assignment (3).
  • Enter a description of the assignment (4). 
  • Set the point or grade value (5).


4. Scroll down to see more options (and to Save!).

  • Specify how students will submit their work (6).
    • Select “on paper” if you’re teaching a face-to-face course and you want your students to submit work in person. 
    • Select “online” for students to submit their work online.
      • Then, check two entry options: a text entry box, and a file upload.
  • Lastly, you’ll want to set a due date and availability range for the assignment (7).
  • Click “Save” (8).


Note: Each Assignment automatically generates a column in Grades. Therefore, we recommend using a Content Page or an Announcement if no submission or grade is attached.


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