Participant Engagement in Adobe Connect

Feedback from Participants

“Emoticons are essential” - Harvard Extension

Adobe Connect allows for you to meet other participants in real-time. You can use Adobe Connect to present information, share documents, and demonstrate concepts on a whiteboard.

Adobe Connect allows participants to provide feedback. Participants may share their audio, webcam, and use the chat feature throughout. A good conference weaves these communication methods.

One easy-to-use—and fun—feature is to change your status.

How to Change your Status

As you review the options below, consider how you can use these in your conferences. Also, think about how you can inform and encourage your participants to use them as you proceed through the conference. Here is how you change your status.

First, enter a conference, then:

1. Click on the arrow on the Status Options icon (1)  on the black toolbar.


2. Select your desired Option. Here we will select “Raise Hand” (2). A participant can use this to indicate that they would like to ask a question. It is a simple way to request some time. 


3. Note that when your status has changed, the Status Options icon will change to your current status (3) and your status will be indicated next to your name for all to see (4).


Ask a Question and Get a Response

You can pose a question to participants and have them response via chat or verbally. You could also ask them to indicate in their status whether they agree or disagree. Here you can get a quick visual tally of responses and steer the conversation appropriately.

1. Select “Agree” in the dropdown menu.


2. Note that the Status Option icon is now turned to the Agree icon (2), a checkmark in a green background. All participants can see the same green icon in the Attendees bar.


Check to See if Participants can hear you

At the beginning of a session, it is a good practice to check to see if participants can hear you. This will help the experience run more smoothly.

1. A participant can click “Speak Louder” (1) You could speak louder and ask for another response. If they still indicate that you “Speak Louder,” you may want to check if your microphone is on mute or recalibrate your equipment.


2. Once participants can hear you, they may indicate whether they would like you to speed up (1) or slow down. This status appears in the Attendees pod (2) as well. You can ask them to respond this way and change your presentation style accordingly.


Choose Laughter

Choose the smiley or “Laughter” emoticon to indicate that you are ready for the session to begin or to bring some levity and fun into your conference. Just because your meeting is online doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to laugh!


Please view the following video from Harvard Extension for more tips:


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