How to Record in Adobe Connect

Procedure for Recording

You can record time spent in an Adobe Connect Conference. Students can review these recordings during your course.

  • Each course has one Conference room.
  • Students join that virtual Conference room for a class-wide meeting.
  • You can record a period of time in that virtual meeting room.
  • But time in a Conference is not automatically recorded.

Here is the procedure to start a recording:

1. Click "Join" to join a Conference (1) in the Conference Room tab.


2. Click “Meeting” (2) in black toolbar. Click “Record Meeting” (3).


3. Enter an unique “Name” (4) and a "Summary" (5) in the box. You can let students know how your recording relates to your coursework. To start your recording, click “OK” (6).


4. The red circle icon indicates that the meeting is being recorded. Click the red circle icon (7) for more options.


5. Click “Pause Recording” (8) to pause the recording. Click “Stop Recording” (9) to end the recording.



How to View the Recording

As long as participants can access the course, Instructors and Students can view all your recordings.

1. Click “Conference Room” in your Canvas course. Click the blue text “Recordings” under the Conference room icon.


2. Click the title (2) of the Recording you want to view.



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