How to Set up a Poll with Adobe Connect

You may use a poll during a live meeting with Adobe Connect. With polls, you can:

  1. Ask students about what they know
  2. Ask students about what they need (and so calibrate your instruction)
  3. Check student progress

Polls are an additional feature to Adobe Connect. These additional features are called “Pods.” To access Pods, click “Pods” in the drop-down menu


1. Enter an Adobe Conference Meeting. Click “Pods” (1).


2. Select the “Poll” menu item (2). To add a new poll, click “Add New Poll” (3).


3. Type in a Question in the Question Field (4). Then, in the Answers field (5), type each of the answer choices, one per a line.


To change the answer type, click on the dropdown menu above the Question Field. You could also ask students Multiple Answer and Short Answer questions.

4. Click “Open” (6) to open and display the quiz to your participants.


5. To end the poll, click “End Poll (7). By default, the results are not displayed to your participants. To do so, click the checkbox net to “Broadcast Results” (8).



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