Share your Document with Adobe Connect

You can use Adobe Connect to share a document with participants. 

Here's how to do it: 

1. Once you enter your Conference meeting, click the "Share My Screen" button (1) in the Share pod.


2. Click the drop-down triangle and then select "Share Document" (2).


3. After clicking "Uploaded Files" on the left sidebar, click "Browse My Computer" (3). Once your file appears on the right side, click it to highlight it. Click OK (4).


4. Now, you are sharing the Document with your Participants. 

  1. Change pages by clicking the arrows in the lower-left hand corner. 
  2. Magnify the page by clicking the "-" and "+" icons below. 
  3. Click Draw to open the Draw toolbar. You may mark up your Document as you present your document. 

Click "Stop Sharing" to do so. 



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