Panopto Spotlight

About Panopto

Panopto is a video creation tool that allows instructors to record and upload videos in Canvas. This tool is fully integrated in Canvas and is accessible by clicking Videos in your course navigation menu. Panopto is useful for recording short course lectures, introducing yourself to your class, creating just-in-time video responses to your students, and uploading example videos to embed in your Canvas course. Click here to see our Introduction to Panopto video! 

Features include:

  • Video creation tool
  • Editing tools that allow you to trim sections of your video without deleting your content
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) for key term indexing
  • Options for adding/editing closed captions
  • Ability to record multiple streams along with video and audio


Technical Requirements


Instructional Uses

Below are four broad categories for the kinds of videos you can create using Panopto. These were borrowed and adapted from Amy Ahearn's article, "Beyond Videos: 4 Ways Instructional Designers Can Craft Immersive Educational Media."

  • Relate” videos create a connection between you and your students, and demonstrate your active presence in the course as the instructor. They can motivate students by asking them to reflect on their own backgrounds and prior experiences with the topic, as well as their own goals for the course. A common example is a Course Overview or Welcome Video in which you share something about yourself, your reasons for creating the course, and your goals for students.
  • Narrate” videos allow you "to share stories, anecdotes, or case studies that illustrate a concept or put the learning in context" (Ahearn). We all know that a compelling story can make ideas and concepts "stick" for students. Here at UCLA Extension, our students really value your professional experiences and expertise, so go ahead and share your story!
  • Demonstrate” videos show students how to do something step-by-step. They can also demonstrate how students will complete assignments and apply what they've learned.
  • Debate” videos can challenge and potentially change the way students think by addressing common misconceptions and presenting competing points of view.


How-To's and Other Support Documents


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