Panopto Quick Start Guide


1. Click on Courses.
2. Select your course.
3. Click on Videos within your course, doing this will authenticate your account. You will only need to do this one time.
4. Click on the blue Create button, and click Record a new session.

5. Download the Installer for your Operating System.
6. Install Panopto.


1. Click on the green Panopto icon in the toolbar menu when editing a Content Page, Assignment or Discussion.

2. Click on the Record tab, enter a name, and click the Record button.

3. Under Primary Sources verify that the webcam or microphone you want to use is selected and set Quality to Ultra.
4. Click Record and allow Panopto to run in the background.
5. Present your material as if the students are viewing your screen. Don't worry about pausing or making mistakes, simply repeat what you want to say until you get it right. You will be able to remove the content that you don't want after your video is recorded.

6. Press Stop when you are done recording and click Upload.

7. Return to where you want to display your recording, this time go to the Choose tab to select your newly created recording.
8. Click Insert and Save your work, your recording will now be visible in your course.


1. Click on Videos inside of your course.
2. Move your mouse over the name of the video that you want to edit, this will reveal an Edit button with a pencil icon.
3. Click Edit.
4. View the timeline below your recording, use it to navigate to the beginning, middle or end of your recording.

5. Click on the Scissors tool to remove unwanted parts of your recording.
6. Click and drag on the timeline to select sections of your recording that you want to remove, those sections will then become grayed out and become invisible to students.
7. Click the Play button to preview your recording and verify that you have made the edits you wanted.
8. Click Publish to save your changes. Don't worry about losing your work, your recording will remain available to you for further editing.


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